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  1. Automating save-build-refresh on os x

    This blog is powered by Pelican. When I first started out, I was composing in vim, switching over to a terminal to build, and finally to my browser to preview the result. Clearly this becomes tedious pretty quickly.

    I was already familiar with tools to watch folders for changes and ...

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  2. Git case gotcha on os x

    Sat 10 March 2012

    tags: git osx

    Found myself caught by a gotcha using git on os x today. The issue is the way os x (hfs+) handles letter case in file names. File names are case insensitive, which means that File and file are considered to be the same file.

    To see this in action, create ...

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  3. Remove "tweet" from os x context menu

    Sun 04 March 2012

    tags: osx

    I rarely (read: never) want to tweet when I right click to bring up a context menu. Actually, most of the time, I'm just looking for "Inspect Element" in Chrome. I was happily surprised to find I could remove the option entirely:

    1. Open System Preferences
    2. Choose "Keyboard"
    3. Choose the ...
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