Changing keyboard shortcuts in osx

Sat 28 April 2012

tags: osx

I use iterm2 as my terminal, and to navigate between tabs, I use cmd-shift-{ and }. Not infrequently, I mistap and hit cmd-shift-p instead, which launches the page setup dialog (and in doing so, freezes for a second or so). Now, I rarely (never?) actually need this functionality, and to my delight I discovered a good fix: Simply change the shortcut to a combination I m less likely to hit by accident.

To change it, open System Preferences, Keyboard. Choose the "Keyboard shortcuts" tab at the top, and then "Application Shortcuts" in the menu on the left. You can now add custom shortcuts to any menu option or, if there already is one, override it. Click the '+', choose your application, and make sure to type the "Menu Title" exatcly as it reads in the actual menu. In my case, Page Setup.... I can then assign a less accident-prone shortcut, e.g. cmd-shift-ctrl-p.

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