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  1. Custom redirects in the django admin

    On one of my sites i have a bunch of different models for various content resources, e.g. articles, videos and podcasts. For admins I wanted to add an "edit this item" link to the menu when browsing the site. Pretty easy: check permissions and add a link to the …

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  2. Dynamically creating django models for m2m relationships

    Occasionally when using a django ManyToManyField I find myself wanting to query the join table directly. Consider for example the models below:

    class Category(models.Model):
        name = models.TextField()
    class Entry(models.Model):
        data = models.TextField()
        categories = models.ManyToManyField(Category)

    Suppose I have an entry, and want to find entries …

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  3. Introspecting django urls for fun and profit

    One of the projects I work on has a fairly large and old code base, and is unfortunately somewhat lacking in the test suite department. We are working to improve this, but in the medium term we are stuck with a fair amount of manual testing.

    As part of some …

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