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  1. Git blame for better diffs

    When reviewing a pull request against nameko today there was a chunk of code moved from a function into a method, though oterwise mostly unchanged. Unfortunately, it also moved around in the file, and so even git diff -w (abbreviation for git diff --ignore-all-space), ignoring all whitespace showed everything as …

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  2. Strace to the rescue

    Recently I was debugging a strange error when using the eventlet support in the new the new coverage 4.0 alpha. The issue manifested itself as a network connection problem: Name or service not known. This was confusing, since the host it was trying to connect to was localhost. How …

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  3. Show git branches with recent changes

    As I work on various projects, I tend to end up with a bunch of git branches lying around in my repo. Every once in a while, I run a git branch --merged on master to see what can be trivially trimmed, but sometimes the list of unmerged branches grows …

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  4. There's no such thing as a trivial change

    Often when developing it's easy to let "trivial" edits just slip in without having to jump through all the hoops we put "more serious" patches through. Be this a code-review, running the test suite or any other means of checking over our code: nothing is too small to matter.

    A …

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